6 Common SEO Mistakes People Do for Their Business

When it comes to business management, the most popular topics are the things a new company owner should do to guarantee success for their business. Unfortunately, most of them talk about the best tips, but very rarely offer advice when it comes to mistakes. For example, with search engine optimization (SEO), getting the help of a reputable Denver SEO agency if you happen to be in the area is a great idea, but what about the things to watch out for when using SEO?

The same thing goes for Denver web design and other services centered toward marketing. It’s crucial to learn about the most common SEO mistakes people make for their business, as it allows business owners to avoid falling for the same beginner’s trap. Here are six of the most common issues to watch for.

  • Not going for local services

While it might seem strange to recommend only local businesses for a company, the fact is that local services are the best fit for any marketing strategy. This is because they understand the target demographic of companies, especially startups that focus entirely on local demographics. It also helps avoid the common issue involving a lack of updates due to different time zones.

  • Being too controlling when using services like web design

The reason why a new business goes for experienced services is to make up for the company owner’s lack of experience. Such a thing is wasted when the company owner is adamant about taking control of every web design decision. Sometimes, it’s best to ask the web design specialist what might be best for certain situations. Those that take the time to learn from professionals gain an advantage over the rest of the competition.

  • Not considering loading times for the website

As stated above, being too controlling is not a good idea, as it could end up in a bloated and distracting website. A professional website does not need too much to get the job done — all it needs is to give online users what they want. Slow loading times have a habit of killing the momentum, ensuring that most online users leave before doing anything else.

  • Not taking advantage of blogs and articles

SEO is all about utilizing keywords and various other tactics to get the attention of the Google algorithm. One of the best ways to do that is to start writing articles with the relevant keywords. Many companies still rely on blogs and articles due to how well-integrated they are with search engine optimization. While it might be seen as an older tactic, it would be a shame not to use.

  • Using too many keywords

While keywords are a big part of what makes SEO tick, it’s also crucial to note that the more keywords a company uses, the lesser the odds that their site is ranked higher on the search engine results page (SERP). The reason why is that the more keywords used, the stiffer the competition. The best thing to do is go for keywords that are most relevant to the company without being too carried away.

  • Going for the pay-per-click (PPC) method without a long-term plan

One of the most common SEO mistakes is going for the more expensive PPC marketing strategy without a proper long-term plan. To put things into perspective, search engine optimization is about the slow and steady rise to popularity with the help of various marketing tactics. On the other hand, PPC is about pushing the company’s website to the forefront through the paid search results. The trouble with paid search results is that it exposes the businesses to just about everyone that types the necessary keywords. 

It seems like an advantage, but it could be a big marketing blunder for new companies that can’t handle the influx of demand. Some startups need time to get things going, and a PPC strategy might not help startups work at a comfortable pace. PPC is only a great idea for company owners confident enough to ride out a quick rise in popularity.


While there are many common SEO mistakes, the above examples are the ones to watch for. Fortunately, there are so many different roads to success that even a struggling business can make it through with the help of SEO services.