How to Get to the First Page of Google Search

One of the primary goals of a company in just about any industry is to make it on the first page of the Google search engine results page (SERP). After all, Google has the most popular search engine on the planet, which means if a company wants to improve visibility, they have to work with the Google Algorithm and ensure that they are taking the necessary steps to get noticed. For example, when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), what type is needed for the occasion? There are quite a few to choose from, and it is essential to know the difference between things like technical SEO and corporate SEO.

The steps to success when trying to get the attention of the algorithm are not necessarily so straightforward. After all, business management is full of little twists and turns, and it is up to the company owner to successfully make ideal choices for their business, especially when it has to do with startups.

Getting to the first page of Google search is all about making choices that can help develop a foundation for the marketing strategy. It might not necessarily be the easiest thing in the world, but it is a natural part of growing a company. Most business owners will find that as they work for the success of their company, getting visibility is a natural part of it. Here are ways to help get to the first page of Google search!

The aforementioned traditional and corporate SEO

Why do people make use of SEO as one of the first steps to getting as much visibility as possible? One of the main reasons is the fact that SEO is a relatively cheap process, especially at the beginning. A new company wanting to get more visibility can use an SEO agency, and the amount paid is negligible compared to the foundation being set for the business.

It’s something that is undoubtedly a big part of getting to the first page of the Google SERP. A high rank on Google is SEO’s primary goal. The best part is that many business owners learn quite a bit about how initial marketing strategies work by observing the many different ways the SEO agency handles things. It’s a great way to build an organic following and to slowly but surely maintain a solid pace.

The pay-per-click (PPC) method

For those that are interested in corporate search engine optimization as a means of gaining as much visibility as possible for the corporate side of things, they might also be interested in the pay-per-click method. While the explanation of PPC is simple – the company owner pays a small fee each time adverts are clicked – it is the inner workings of the PPC marketing strategy that makes it ideal for many companies.

After all, the PPC strategy allows a company to be first on the Google search results through the paid rankings, which are separate from the regular rankings of the search engine. While it might be a more costly endeavor for most companies, it gets the job done for anyone that wants early exposure. A company owner with an efficient revenue plan for products and services would benefit significantly from the PPC advertising model.

Citations and directories

Creating a profile on Google My Business is essential for any company that wants to expand its reach on the Google search results. While it might seem like a straightforward task, there is one thing to keep in mind when dealing with citations and directories – not only does it have to be accurate, but everything has to match other citations and directories word for word. 

It means what the company owner writes down on Google My Business has to be the same thing written down everywhere else. It seems like a relatively simple process, but it can be easy to make a mistake, which could cause the algorithm to have trouble indexing a business.

Website details

The business website will also be one of the primary ways to get to the first page of the Google SERP. It mainly has to do with optimizing the website as much as possible to ensure that online users aren’t turned off by long loading times or a confusing interface. It would also be a good idea to add content such as blogs to a company website, as it provides opportunities for link building, which allows the Google algorithm to have an easier time indexing a company website. Keep an eye on image resolutions as well, as having images at too high a quality can cause the loading times to slow down.

Any business would benefit greatly from ranking high on the Google search results. It is not the most straightforward method to success, but it is one that will help company owners pace themselves as they work toward industry success.