Precautions for the use of electric heaters

1. Precautions for the use of wind system wind turbine electric heaters (1) Before the heating, the correlation elements should be checked, whether it is in a normal state. The electric heater can be put into use without problems. (2) The power supply voltage should be consistent with the voltage of the electric heater. Moreover, it is necessary to properly connect the control circuit. (3) All wiring terminals in the electric heater should be checked and should be processed. (4) In the air outlet end of the electric heater,small space heater  a filter should be mounted to avoid foreign matter into the heating tube, etc., thereby affecting the life of the electric heater, and its heat dissipation performance. Moreover, the filter should be cleaned regularly.

(5) The terminal of the electric heater, should be left in the installation, which is generally not less than 1 meter, which can be easily maintenance and maintenance.

2. Precautions for electric heaters (1) When the electric heater is wired, grounding should be made. (2) If there is no medium flow in the electric heater, then it is not possible to avoid burn the electric heater. (3) After the electric heater stops working, it is necessary to cool down, so as not to be too high and burned.