The three requirements of Dongguan, Shenzhen, Foshan on hardware stamping materials

The relationship between the material and the stamping process used in the hardware stamping parts is very close, and its nature directly affects stamping process design. The quality of hard punching parts and product life also affects the production cost of tissue balanced production and stamping parts. When choosing a hardware stamping material, you should first clarify the use of the hardware stamping parts. In general, for the main stamping parts on the machine. Material requirements have high strength and stiffness: some stamping parts on motor electrical appliances require high electrical conductivity and magnetic magnetic properties: stamping parts on the car and aircraft, It is required to have sufficient strength, to reduce the quality as much as possible: the stamping parts on the chemical container require corrosion resistance. Therefore, different precision stamping use requirements determine the different stamping materials should be selected. However, from the punching process, the materials should also meet the stamping process requirements to ensure that the stamping process can be completed smoothly.

The requirements for the materials used in punch are as follows: 1. Good stamping performance stamping performance refers to the adaptability of the sheet on various stamping methods. The stamping method is a method of processing metal as a plastic parts, so. The material is required to have good plasticity. For sheets that need to be drawn deep, the plasticity is good, the yield limit is low, and the thickness direction is large, and the material having high hardness is difficult to draw. The smaller the balance of the sheet, the better the stamping performance, the greater the extent of the secondary deformation. When the edge row direction coefficient R \u0026 gt; 1, the deformation in the width direction is easier than the deformation in the thickness direction. The larger the R value, the less easily generate thinning and breakage during the drawing process, the better the deep performance. Materials with good deepening have carbon containing \u0026 lt; 0.14% soft steel, teach brass (including 68% to 72%), pure aluminum and aluminum alloy, austenite stainless steel.

2. Good surface quality surface quality materials, stamping is not easy to rupture, less waste: The mold is not easy to scratch. The life is improved, and the surface quality of the parts is good. Therefore, it is generally required that the surface of the stamped material is smooth, flat, free oxide, rust, cracking, scratches and other defects.

3. Thickness tolerances meet the gaps of the stamping and concave molds in accordance with the thickness of the material, so that the material thickness tolerance should meet the standards specified in the state. Otherwise the thickness tolerance is too large, which will affect the quality of the parts and may result in damage to the mold and equipment.

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